GMThis is the first series of the Africa Probe, which focuses on Ghanaian migration. The narrative of this series not only centers on Ghana but also, develops around the ‘Ghanaian’ in Great Britain, The United States of America and Germany. Highlighting the experiences of Ghanaians who have travelled to the countries mentioned above; Africa Probe assesses whether ‘success’ is a reality for those that have left the shores of Ghana.

As the documentary ties a number of viewpoints together, Africa Probe evaluates whether it is even necessary for the ‘Ghanaian’ to travel afar, especially as 21st century Ghana not only goes through an interesting time but also, as it undertakes an exciting transition which is surely of benefit to any Ghanaian?

Africa Probe further interrogates whether the ‘Ghanaian’ who has left the shores of Ghana, is practically preparing to relocate back to their place of birth. This series also accommodates the voices of the ‘First Generation Ghanaian’. Exploring not only their views and experiences of success in the western world but also, their thoughts/ fears of relocating to their parent(s) place of birth.



With the sterling currently exchanging at 40 Ghana cedies to the pound; how easy is it for ‘Ghanaian’ living in the Britain? In these two episodes we hear from a variety of Ghanaians on, how easy it is to live in the Britain, how easy is it to achieve success in a country that ranks within the top ten economies, how the Ghanaian views the process of migrating back to Ghana and the how the ‘British Born ‘Ghanaian’ interprets modern day Ghana.



The American Dream? Is the Ghanaian’s experience of America rewarding as the result of living within Obama’s America? Are Ghanaians here really in better position of succeeding and achieving success, than other Ghanaians that reside in other parts of the world as America is ‘the best of the best’. Are Ghanaian migrants who live in America, preparing to go home? Or are they so consumed by indulging in the social ideals of America, that their number one priority is accomplishing material prosperity? Episode 3 & 4 finds out…​



In a country that is often accused of being less tolerant of cultural diversity; what is the ‘Ghanaian’ experience of Germany? Are these just over recycled myths? Can we in fact find a convincing amount of Ghanaian’s that have been given the chance to rise to the top of German society? Or is this predictably far from the truth, as life is hard for the Ghanaian here in Germany and therefore the Ghanian is focusing all their efforts on getting out?



As the international world acknowledges that Ghana is one of the fastest growing African economies; what is life like for the ‘Ghanaian who has not left the shores of Ghana? How easy is it for the Ghanaian that has returned from living in various parts of the world, to resettle? Is the Ghanaian government concentrating their efforts in encouraging the Ghanaian abroad to migrate back? In the last two episodes of the series, we seek to answer these questions​…

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